For xmlNodeToDocument, how see content of node?

We are using Webmethods 9.6 for Linux, utilizing Designer.

For over 3 weeks :oops:, we have been trying to figure out something that is perhaps simple. I now need to ask this forum for help.

How does the xmlNodeToDocument work?

On one of our DEV server, I created a simple service that contains pub.client:http. Within this, I have the url, method as “post”, loadAs as “bytes”, and string containing the actual xml string. It calls a service on our QA server that has nothing in Input/output tab and within service is xmlNodeToDocument, followed by a simple branch step that checks to see if a document is created. All tests (including setting up a savepipeline) are showing that xmlNodeToDocument is creating no document. It’s as if the service is being passed over, due to more than likely an empty node.

node------------>node (service in) -----------> document (service out) ----------> xmlDoc

Being that this is consistently not working, it seems that the node must be blank or contains invalid xml, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to evaluate the node. The content doesn’t appear in savepipelineToFile and we can’t think of what to do in order to see the content of node. How does this work? What’s supposed to be in the node…content of earlier mentioned xml string? Anything I’m mentioning above needs to be done differently?

We do not have a http sniffer if that were to perhaps help the situation. Can anyone tell me how to evaluate/see the contents of the node?


Try the below

Convert the bytes to string and then use the BIS provided for xml processing