Consuming external web service with in web Methods


I am new to webMethods. I have a requirement to call a web Service by an external provider from webMethods. Which product of web service will do that and how will it work ? Do i have to run Java code to call the external web Service OR is there any built in functionality available in webMethods to do this ?




The Web Service Connector wizard in webMethods Developer will generate a starter Flow service from a WSDL describing your external web service operation.

Be sure to enhance the generated code to externalize the SOAP endpoint address and login credentials and to add additional error handling.

The generated Flow service will execute inside webMethods Integration Server.


Thanks Mark.

Could the generate code Native to webMethods OR is it Java code ?

What part of webMethods documentation should I read to find out more about this ?

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“What part of webMethods documentation should I read to find out more about this ?”

these userguides should help you located under Developer documentation libraries:
Web Services Developers Guide 6.pdf,
SOAP Developers Guide.pdf

you can also access these guides from and look it in Bookshelf section or use search option.


Thanks RMG. I was able to find more details in Web Services Developers guide.

Flow is a webMethods-specific language that executes in the Integration Server it is not java and does not result in java bytecode generation. If you want to generate a java client to invoke a web service operation, many, many vendors offer WSDL2Java utilities to so so.