Consumer and provider WSDLs with Policies in them

I’ve not used Policies with webMethods before so I need some information on how it works. I have an external partner who has exposed a set of web services which I am to consume and likewise they will consume a set of services I expose.

Consumer question

When I am the consumer, the partner has specified transport related security requirements in a policy section in the wsdl file. However, when creating a consumer ws descriptor in designer I don’t see any policy information in the Policy tab. Does this mean at execution time, no such policy information will be used? Should I copy the policy sections from the wsdl and create policy files on the Integration Server as the manual (8-2-SP1_Web_Services_Developers_Guide.pdf) states?

Provider question

When I start with a wsdl first approach, so I create the wsdl file first and I will put policy sections in there to give to the partner. However, when I create the provider descriptor on webMethods do I need to place the policies in files and place in the Integration Server as I do with the consumer?

Any information on this would be much appreciated. Thankyou.

As consumer, even the server’s WSDL has policy section, the loading process won’t take that policy automatically.
you have to specify it under the policy tab.
The options are the build-in policy come with WM installation. You need to find the one that match your client’s policy, If any mismatch, you need to create your own policy and place under the config\wss\policies dir.

As provider, you need to specify your policy from the options (based on what WM provided, or you can create your own policy file), the policy will be included in your WSDL file automatically.