Constraining who a task can be delegated to

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Sorry if this is an odd question, but imagine the following (fairly normal) structure:

Team A and Team B are separate, each with their own team leader and role in MWS, like this:

Team A
Fred (mws-role-teama-lead)
Members (mws-role-teama)

Team B
Joe (mws-role-teamb-lead)
Members (mws-role-teamb)

Tasks for Team A are assigned the mws-role-teama role. Fred’s role additionally allows him to reassign tasks and generally check up on people. However, the members of Team A also can delegate to each other within the team, if necessary.

Question 1: can I restrict Team A’s delegation so they can only delegate their task within their role?

Now, Joe leaves the company and Fred will lead both teams. He is assigned the additional role mws-role-teamb-lead. This is fine, except that the two teams’ tasks need to be kept separate.

Question 2: can I restrict Fred’s delegation powers so that he can only assign Team A tasks within the Team A role, and only assign Team B tasks within the Team B role?

Thanks guys! All thoughts welcome.

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If you use a Custom Inbox, the Delegate action is completely under your control. You could easily modify the delegation dialog with a dropdown with the members of a particular role.

Thanks Ron

That makes sense, except that we’re trying to steer clear of that type of task-specific inbox. A lot of people work in one team that services different requirements in tasks in different processes, and we don’t want them to have to jump around the UI when all they really need is one inbox and a way to move tasks between them when necessary.

I’m basically asking for the sort of control that a task type-specific inbox gives, but that allows someone to see all of his/her tasks. Unfortunately I’m not sure that webMethods allows this?

P.s. We can (as most people do, I think) use a standard process document with a custom section so that all relevant data is always in the same place, so said inbox can pull the same info out of each task type.

We have had customers implement their own Custom Inbox that spans multiple task types. This works well as long as any task data displayed in a column is common to all of the task types.

Here’s a reference to how to expand the inbox search to multiple task types:

Thanks Ron - it’d be amazing to have one inbox that allowed a lot of customisation based on role, business data and MWS page data, that we could just plonk wherever we liked and it would fit every situation, but this is a good practical alternative, thanks. I’ll carry on the conversation in the other thread.