Connectivity Challenges in Raspberry Pi IoT Deployment

Hey community, I have been facing perplexing issues with my Raspberry Pi IoT project’s connectivity. The Raspberry Pi, equipped with a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and an ESP8266 module, intermittently loses connection to the IoT platform (using MQTT). I’ve ensured a stable power supply, revised network configurations, and thoroughly reviewed the Python code for potential errors. Despite these efforts, the connection disruptions persist. Interested to hear from the community about similar experiences or any specific troubleshooting steps to enhance the reliability of the IoT setup. Your expertise and advice would be invaluable!

Hi Ronnie,

can you share additional details about the connection problems? Do you receive any errors in a log file? Is the Internet connection interrupted or the connection to Cumulocity IoT via MQTT? What exactly does your Python script do?

Best regards

Christian Guether

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