ConnectionFactories versus Tamino DataSources

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Does anyone has Performance related statistical information when using Connections via., TConnectionFactory when compared to TDataSource with the suppied resource adapetrs along with the tamino installation.

Well, which one is suggested? TConnectionFcatory or TDataSource to be used in App. Server environment.( Bascially I need to use in Sun ONE App. Server V7) and why?.

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Ravi Chamarthy.

TDataSource is deprecated. So we only recommand Tamino JCA. We do not have any performance related information about the JCA part but it should be negligible because it is just a small layer over the Tamino API. You can use the Tamino JCA in SunONE V7 environment but with restrictions. The connection sharing does not work properly. It means one connection to Tamino can only be shared between many EJBeans under specific presupposition.
The problem is known at Sun:
Bug 4818853 = Escalation 544148 = Server does not use same ManagedConnection
Bug 4825526 = Escalation 544480 = forceDestroyBean exception when connect
Because of that you’ll get problems with AccountExample.ear.
There is also another problem when deploying AccountExample.ear. You?ll need a fix from sun. Contact me if you like to get it. What is the application you?d like to write using Tamino JCA?