hi there :wink:

first of all: sorry for my bad english - i’m from switzerland :wink:

i have to write a little application based on tamino-db (in - and i have no idea how to connect to tamino.

have you got examples?

thank you very much!

In the installation of the .NET SDK under the Tamino installation directory there is a dierctory SDK\TaminoAPI4DotNET\samples that contains quite a few standalone applications that use the .NET API. Are any of these of any use to you?

this folder isn’t installed on my system (tamino v.3.1x) - are those samples somewhere online?

Unfortunately the Tamino API for .NET is only available for Tamino 4. It doesn’t support Tamino 3.


I developped an application with .NET for Tamino V For that I wrote a TaminoAPI that is based on the TaminoX Active-X interface. It is basically just a wrapper around the API which was provided by SAG.

You can download a test version of this API from

It is a Microsoft Installer package which contains the DLL and a simple example in C#. The example works with the Tamino Telephone example database.

The documentation is at the moment quite poor. Nevertheless, I hope it might be useful.