Connection to CentraSite Tamino database from MashZone


I’m trying to figure out what driver jars that I need to have in under my MashZone installation in order to be able to connect to the CentraSite database.
I had a look at the CentraSite 8.2 MashZone Integration page, but there the technical aspect is not covered. Found some information that refers to the TaminoJCA.jar but I don’t know if this is the one to use.

I would really appreciate any help on clarifying this.

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the connectivity is done through pure XML over HTTP, so there is no need to supply additional drivers to MashZone.
Please import the provided demo MashApp and have a look at the datafeed configurations which will tell you you data is queried through HTTP.
Basically the datafeeds send an XQuery Request over HTTP (or call a predefined query module) and get plain XML back.

Hope this helps

Hi Håkan,

As you might know, you can run xqueries on CentraSite registry via URL. See the example below:

http://localhost:53305/CentraSite/CentraSite?_xquery=for $s in collection(“CentraSite”)/:service return {$s/:name/:localString/text()}{$s/:key/text()}

So it is basically


You can select XML File as a data source in MashZone, select “The data is located on the internet” and enter the Xquery URL to the URL field along with the username/password.

MashZone documentation explains how to structure the result data.



Thanks for the responses.
I have now successfully connected and have built some nice MashApps displaying our asstes and integrations stored in CentraSite.