Connection Reset Error while sending AS2 message to Partner

Hello Friends,

Could you please help me out in getting rid of the below issue which I am facing while sending AS2 message to one of our Partner?

webMethods version: 9.7
Fix: IS Core Fix 8

when I send an AS2 message the EDIINT fails with the below error message.

Error - Delivery Failed: Connection reset

It is strange that the issue is only with this partner.

I have checked with our Firewall team and the log says that we are able to connect to Partners environment successfully.

Have anyone faced this issue earlier?


Perhaps your partner has a firewall in place somewhere on their side that is closing the connection. Your network team may need to perform some traces, etc. to determine the precise cause.


please check with the firewall teams the value for the connection timeout.

If you have to wait for a reply longer than this timeout the connection will be terminated due to inactivity after the timeout has reached.


How are you authenticating with this client system?
If using cert, the client system may not trusting your cert.
If username/password, check if the password is correct.

Hello Tong,

We are communicating using certs.

We have verified that certificates installed are correct on our side.

One thing I am wondering is that our partner says that they only install our public certificates on their side.

But we have intermediate certificate as well which signs our public certificate

However, We performed some test involving network teams. Below is the result:

  1. Message was sent successfully from our network to Partner’s network (As confirmed by Partner’s network team)
  2. TCP Reset error was return to our network.
  3. Partner’s network team says that their application is sending the TCP reset error.

Any idea what can be the issue over here?


Hi Nikhil,
You may be able to narrow down the issue to a specific cert problem by changing the delivery to plain (unencrypted/unsigned) to see if that works. In TN this is the SMIME value in the partner profile EDIINT extended settings. Your partner will need to make compatible changes on their side. If the delivery works, you can adjust the settings again (signed, but not encrypted, etc.). Also, is this HTTP or HTTPS?