Connection REFUSED IIS


I am experiencing a problem posting files to a server running Microsoft’s IIS 5.0 http server from an Integration Server. Typically, there is a high volume of files that will be sent from IS to the Http Server using pub:client:http; method = put. In a group of 100, maybe 3 posts will fail with the error message “Connection Refused”. The http server environment is up to date with all service packs. The http server has also been been stress tested and should not have a problem handling the volume. The URL is similar to: https://nn.nnn.nn.nnn/xxxxxxx/ ; using SSL. The IS simply puts the file on the http server.
I welcome any addtional troubleshooting or debugging ideas; also, anyone else experience this problem, if so please let me know how you resolved it?

Might this MS KB article apply?

You might also consider adding retries to your delivery service, even if the IIS patch resolves this particular problem. Transient network/http issues can be fairly common and a simple wait and retry overcomes these easily.