Connection Issue for RELAM from Enterprise Manager

When I have started UM for first time its get started on the port nsp:// and accordingly I have configured Enterprise manager and JMS details from IS.
When I am startting for next time it is getting started on port nhp:// and EnterPrise Manager is not able to connect to any RELAM server.
Please advice how I can change this details at server startup or If need to save this configuration in some local config file and load subsiquently.


Hi Baharul,

You may have already tried this, but the URL for Ent Mngr to connect to UMS is nsp://:. Don’t use

See what happens.

Yes Ashish ,you are correct.It is able to connect with ActualIP,localhost or

But here the problem is Um server is starting with NHP (HTTP stack running over plain TCP sockets) Protocol where as I need to start with NSP(plain TCP socket protocol) Protocol.Because I have configured Ent Mng with and JMS settings with NSP protocol.

Please advice how can I start server with some specific protocol like nsp/nsps/nhp/nhps.