Connecting to CDS groups in Universal Messaging Administration


I would like to setup ACL settings for a group to administer UM topics, i would like to connect to CDS groups and give ACL permission for CDS groups to access only few assets in Enterprise manager.

Can someone please help.

Hi Kavitha,
if by “CDS” you mean Common Directory Services configured in MWS, then I have to tell you that it is not possible to link UM authentication/authorisation to CDS.
However, if you have configured CDS to link to an external LDAP server, then you can configure UM to point to the same LDAP server, and thus leverage the same credentials across both MWS (and other CDS products) and UM.
LDAP support in UM is limited to authentication. Any groups you want to establish to ease configuration of channel ACLs will have to be defined within UM.

Thanks Jonathan.

Hi Jonathan,

What is the best way to control Applications team to use Enterprise manager for monitoring purpose only.
We want to restrict application teams access for channels and queues and cluster of realms to view option only.

Please advise.