connecting portlet application with database

Hi All!

I am new to webMethods composite application framework. I have created one portlet, which has customer details like customer ID, customer name etc. I want to get these details from a database. Can anyone tell me how to make database connection and retrieve values from database.

Hi Charles,

The ideal way to access the DB in webMethods is not by going directly from the MWS to the DB, but to use the Enterprise Service Bus (Integration Server,...) to access the DB.

So you should create a IS service that connects to the DB and does the queries, then from MWS you call this service.

A sample can be found here:

I can see that MWS also allows direct connections to a Data Source (Datasources Administration) but I have never used it:



Thanks STAN. I have tried first option, which I also consider the ideal way of working with databases in WM CAF. I am facing some problems while doing this.I will get back to you if I would not be able to find workaround.

Hi Ankit,
Did you try this option and did it work out for you? I am trying to make the northwind sample to work. But there is a step wherein you add Datasource.
This below is copied from the instructions to install and run the sample:

Go to Administration > Configuration > Datasources Administration to create a data source named northwind. When defining the data source, point to a SQL Server Northwind database.

Can you tell me what is “SQL Server Northwind database”? When you create a datasource, which option do you select for “Server Type” ?

Please get back to me regarding this.