ConformsTo Parameter IS_SchemasCustomer_Schema is not a record


I have a flow that get one IDOC from a SAP System, I transform it to xml format and after I apply a xsl transformation. When I get the new xml I use the service stringToDocument and I pass the output of this service to pub.schema:validate for xsd validation.

All looks fine, but when I see on the Integration Server, on the page transaction list, the transaction created. I get the next error on the transaction processing view as XML: conformsTo Parameter “IS_Schemas:Customer_Schema” is not a record

The point is that after the validation I insert the information into a database table and the record is created.

Can somebody say me why I get this error and how i can solve it??

Hi, jnco.

What is the full path to the schema? Remember the following rules when specifying a namespace:

    [*]Omit package name [*]Separate folder names with "." [*]Separate the Service/Flow/Record name from the rest of the namespace with ":" [/list] For example, [I]folder.folder.folder:service[/i].

    Hope this helps.

Hi Dan,

I have the schema placed on:

Package–> Prueba
Folder–> IS_Schema
Schema Name –> Customer_Schema

I fill the param conformsTo with the next value–> IS_Schemas:Customer_Schema

I think that this is the correct path. What do you think??

Thank you very much.

Hi, jnco.

Hopefully it is not just a typo, but you specified that your conformsTo value is “IS_Schemas:Customer_Schema”.

In your package structure, though, your folder is named “IS_Schema”. Note that it is singular here and plural in the conformsTo field.

Was that the error?

Hi, Dan.

Sorry, I had an error writting the message, the name of the folder is IS_Schemas and the conformsTo value is “IS_Schemas:Customer_Schema”.

Do you have another solution for the problem???

Many thanks in advance.


I have right now same problem…did you solve it ?

(conformsTo Parameter “IS_Schemas:Customer_Schema” is not a record )
Can you help me ?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Ralph
I guess U are passing record structure and in conformto you are passing schema. First change yours passing record structure to node then do the validation or in conform pass the record structure not the schema

Ajay Arora

Hi Jnco,

Yes pls follow the ajay message, it will work…

by mapping the record structure name i guess(IS_Schemas:record_Customer) to conformsTo of validate service.