Configuring JDBC Adapter Connection with PostgreSQL [SOLVED]


I am trying to create a JDBC connection with my PostgreSQL DB using Postgres 9.0.16.

In the Integration server I applied the following configuration:

DataSource Class: org.postgresql.ds.PGPoolingDataSource
serverName: localhost
user: postgres
databaseName: myDBname
portNumber: 5432
networkProtocol: tcp

I have the driver jar (v9.0 build 802) in these folders:


But I am getting the following error:

What I am missing or need to add/fix?

You should put under the static folder of the JDBCAdapter not jars and restart the IS (must)

IS\packages\WmJDBCAdapter\code\jars\static (create one if static not exist)


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As long as it is JDBC Type 4 driver it should be sufficient to place it under the following directory:


A Reload of the WmJDBCAdapter-Package should be sufficient to activate it.

May, an additional Attribute needs to set (check the documentation for the PostgreSQL-Database.)

I.e. for an Oracle DB the “driverType=thin” option needs to be specified.

When placing under “IS\lib\jars” or better (as rmg suggested) under “IS\packages\WmJDBCAdapter\code\jars\static” a shutdown and restart of the IS is required.
I am not sure if a simple restart recreates the JVM-Classpath.

Upon restart check the server-log for loading errors to detect if the driver is loaded or fails to load.


Hi Douglas,

Adding to this - try the above steps. If still not working check your driver jar (Try to navigate/explore and locate whether you can see org.postgresql.ds.PGPoolingDataSource) you can open the jar file using WinZip/WinRar

Please let us know about the updates.

Normally if you place under static it worked most of the time and also make sure you have all the JDBC properties settings as Holger mentioned and trouble shoot the jar file and make sure it is supported by the JDBCAdapter6.5 (latest fix is 46)


Hi rmg,

In my case only when I placed the pg driver under static folder the connection worked.

Thanks a lot!

Note: Postgres is supported by webMethods JDBC Adapter until fix n.36