Configuring ExecuteService in webMethods JDBC Adapter

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Can anyone of you share the working sample of ExecuteService Services?

When do we use this in real time scenario?

Has anyone implemented this in their past experience?

Kindly share your responses :slight_smile:

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Any updates on my query… ??? :roll:

you can follow the below steps.

  1. write your java/flow service as usual
  2. create a adapter service with Execute as Service template, use the name of the java/flow service to invoke.
  3. map all the input parameters for the java/flow service in a document (IData) and map that to Adapter service …Input/targetServiceInput while invoking the adapter.

in java service the connection can be retrieved from pipeline using builtin variable $db_service_connection
java.sql.Connection conn = (java.sql.Connection)IDataUtil.get(pipelinecursor, “$db_service_connection”);
this connection object can be used further with java.sql.PreparedStatement etc. to build your logic.

Thanks D.C.

I have this information but when do we use this in real time scenarios and do we have any specific reason to use the execute service.

Every real-time database operation scenario is possible with java service as well, but use it with caution. For example i use java service to upload large files to database.

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Can you share the java service (at-least the logic/wM API) to upload large files to DB? What is the maximum file size this java service can handle.

Upload large files to DB you mean inserting it as a BLOB or CBLOB (whole XMLdata object) or read/parse XML and batch insert?

What options have you tried so far?


I can insert xml data in the DB through insert adapter service template (via CLOB/BLOB)

I want to insert the large data (xml) using ExecuteService template.

What is Execute Service template any insight to it?


Refer JDBC adapter guide. :slight_smile:

never required template but make sense:

I did not get you???

It means that I never used that template specific and no situation arised/got it focused.