JDBC Adapter

Does anyone know how to pass a record list into a Insert JDBC Adapter service to have a batch of data inserted instead of performing multiple inserts?

This might already have been discussed.
But anyways, you can use a stored procedure to do bult insert into sql server.
In most cases, multiple insert is the way it works.
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So is there no other way outside of a stored procedure?

Hi, BP234.

Using a Stored Procedure will be the most efficient may to process the request. Performing multiple inserts carries overhead not present when running the insert logic entirely on the database server.

Sometimes the JDBC Adapter in wM 6.0 just vanishes. This occurs suddenly but only sometimes (strange). We have to re-install the adapter again to use any of the JDBC adapter services. Has anyone experienced such a behaviour before?


Please help i am getting this error in connecting to oracle database

Could not connect: Io exception: Connection refused(DESCRIPTION=(TMP=)(VSNNUM=135290880)(ERR=12500)(ERROR_STACK=(ERROR=(CODE=12500)(EMFI=4))(ERROR=(CODE=12560)(EMFI=4))(ERROR=(CODE=530)(EMFI=4))(ERROR=(BUF=‘32-bit Windows Error: 2: No such file or directory’))))

hi professionals,
can any one help me how to assign the “insertadapternotification” to an adapter service. I created one one adapter service to insert a record into the database. i want to assing the insertadapternotification to that service. please can any one help me regarding this.


I think you’re confused about how notifications and adapter services work. You say you’ve created an insert adapter service that will insert a row into a database. That’s the job of the JDBC adapter services - to perform an operation on the database.

Adapter notifications are used to monitor the database for changes. An insert notification will tell you when a new database row is inserted by publishing a document. There’s no such thing as “assigning to a service”. If you want your insert notification to cause a service to be run, you need to create a trigger that subscribes to the published document.

hi franklin,
Thanks for your nice responce. I understand your explanation.
I created one trigger which will fire when a document is published by the apapternotification. Here i am trying to write the content of that published document into a flatfile. For this purpose i created one service. The trigger will invokes this service when a document is published to the broker. But i am not getting the content into the flatfile. Just i am getting null. Can you help me how to create a service to access the content of the published document, which will be invoked by a trigger.



The trigger invoking custom service which you have created should have the service input of your published document(ex:purchaseorder xml) which you have published to broker.

Then in the custom service incorporate the logic of mapping the publish document(purchaseorder xml) to Flat File.(For debugging put the savepipeline/restorepipeline as the first steps in your flow and check the pipe if you are getting the published document or not)

As a last alternative:
If your custom service input not getting publish document then give the service input as(fully qualified document name say PurchaseOrder::Document::POXML).


v 6.0.3. of the JDBC adapter now offers two new services for Inserting/Updating large amounts of data into the database. The templates are: BatchInsertSQL and BatchUpdateSQL. Have a look at the v6.0.3. JDBC Adapter User Guide.


Hi all,

We’ve already configured a JDBC adapter, and defined a quite large number of services that use it. But we’ve realized that the very first time we try to use one of these services after rebooting the IS server, they fail. It’s just the first time, so on works fine.

Does anyone what’s going wrong.

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