Execute Service in adapter

Hi All,

I created an execute service adapter template and called a java service which inserts data into the DB. But, i get table or view doesn’t exist error.The table do exists in DB. Below is the java code.

java.sql.Connection conn = (java.sql.Connection)IDataUtil.get(pipeline.getCursor(),
try {
java.sql.PreparedStatement pstmt=conn.prepareStatement(“Insert into PROFILE_UPDATE_REQUEST (REQUESTID) values(null)”);
catch(Throwable e)

			 throw new ServiceException(e);  }

Please let me know on where i went wrong in this. And need your valuable inputs on how to fetch data from a select query using execute service.

I am using execute template instead of normal insert as the blob insert through normal insert template is not writing the data properly and going through forums I got to know many use custom java services.


what is Integration server version, JDBC Adapter version, which database you are connecting to.

Try fully qualifying your table name.

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Yes, try to use fully qualified name like schema_name.<table_name> in the query.