Configuring 2 MWS servers to connect to common DB with one server up at time

Hi all,

We have a architecture with two MWS servers (Hot and cold, only one up at a time) and both are supposed to connect to same database.( because of some constraint we have to go ahead with this architecture)

We did the hot MWS configuration successfully, but while configuring the cold MWS server to the same database we got the error saying “a fresh MWS installation can not connect to non empty Database. Please make sure that you are using empty Database ".

Please guide us on how we can avoid this error and go ahead with same architecture.( we are planning to give one more try after we clean up the current MWS tables)

Our second question is even if we are able to configure after database cleanup, will this configuration work or every time while bringing up the cold MWS server we need to clean the Database?

If anybody already has this kind of configuration, please guide us on this issue.

Thanks In Advance,

pretty sure that’s not going to work. MWS’s install is specific to its database, you can’t have two different installs pointing to the same database schema.

if you want an active/passive cluster then you are going to need to use the same MWS instance on a shared drive and use cluster software to mount it during a failover. The other option of course is to use the MWS clustering that is built-in but that still requires separate database schemas per MWS.

Thanks Griffima!

In MWS 7.1.2 when using a cluster setup, it is definitely possible to have two MWS installations, sharing the same DB.
The whole cluster architecture of MWS 7.1.2 is different and is no more done by sharing hard drives and a single installation on the master machine.
See documentation of MWS 7.1.2 how exactly to setup the cluster!

@nnikolov. the documentation that came with MWS 7.1.2 specifies to create master server and run node from shared drive. But you are saying that its different now, can you give me refernce to document