Configure MWS in https

If I have a pfx file, (for instance my_folder\my_cert.pfx), is it necessary to transform in p12 file to put in it in wrapper.conf file in SSL Section ?

set.JAVA_KEYSTORE_PASSWORD=encrypted password

I wondered if i do that :

set.JAVA_KEYSTORE_PASSWORD=encrypted password

is it works ?

Hi Vital,

either just test it out or you will have to convert into p12.
When using the pfx you might need to change the JAVA_KEYSTORETYPE accordingly.

See MWS Administrators Guide for further informations.


Thanks Holger,
In fact I could not test beacause I’m only a developer and not the guardian in certificate in our company.
But my colleague test with pfx file withou changing KEYSTORETYPE (beacause it is the same format) and that’s work fine !

If it is the same fomat you can name it withe the one or other extension which you prefer.

I prefer to have it as a p12 extension.
Never used pfx extension so far.


For differences and commons between PFX and P12 format you can refer to this Wikipedia-Page:

Looks like PKCS#12 is an enhancement for PFX.