Configuration Tool - JDBC Manager

I am testing the ability to connect CAI DB controls with a MYSQL database.

I went to the Configuration Tool - JDBC Manager to configure my database.

In JDBC Driver Class Name field I entered: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
In JDBC Database URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/name_of_mydb

I entered my user and pass in the corresponding fields, but it returns an error in the status bar: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

What else should i do to enable MySQL with CAI controls.

Documentation does not appear to be clear about setting this up, at least I was not able to find the section that mentions how to use the Configuration Tool.

In essence I want to connect a GRID control to a MYSQL database control to save and retrieve data.

Is there additional documentation or tech notes I can use to this end.



have not worked with DB controls for quite a long time… but: as far as I remember the controls require to have a certain interface implementation in the adapter processing - passing the connection to be used inside the controls’ SQL processing. The Configuration tool - JDBC manager, has nothing to do with this.