"Concatenate" document types


I wonder if it´s possible to concatenate 2 document types.

I Have the following DT (as xml):

Is it possible to concatenate these two to get the following document:

<–inserted document

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why dont u create a third document type with ur requirements and map these two document variables to the new document type …

The thing is that in design time I don´t know which document types to concatenate.

I would like to validate specific parts of the document and then add e.g. a header to it (header is not supplied by the end user).

I´m trying to extract a part of the document and add it to another document which only contains the common fields of all the possible document types.

I don´t know if my explanation is the best.
I can give a full description (long) one if you don´t understand what I´m trying to achieve.

Mikael Håkansson

You can try this approach -
Create a IS document of this type -

{GENERIC NODE}(Type “Object”)

And at run time you can replace that with your Header node.


Hi - thanks for the reply

How can I replace that node at runtime (I know, newbie :slight_smile: )?

If I try to map to the generic node in design time, the node is not replaced and the new node (e.g. header) is placed under the generic node.