I m getting exception in for one of my b2b client in b2b 4.6.
Can anyone give me idea on cause and solution of the same.
thanking you in advance.

Can you elaborate a bit more on the b2b client process?What are the diff components are being used IS/TN etc…?since sometimes based on the exception we can’t predict the root cause of the problem.

We have an Partner, who converts its PO’s information in XML format and uses http post for sending that XML to our Trading Network. When that partner posts information some of the PO’s go through and some of them fails with this error. Again in next run the failed once from first go through with other of that run. This error does not occur normally, but we have noted it occurs abnormally and all of sudden, and it is not data issue as same data goes through in next run.
We checked the IS for Error Logs but we don’t see any error there in, but we get this exception on Client Side.

May be authentication is failing on the IS side?Is your client using Basic authentication to route the documents into IS?

Yes, but if authentication is failing then the error message would be different and something would be logged on Server side. we don’t see anything logged on server side like this.

I agree with you…but the error might be misleading.And i searched about this error on this site,no matching threads were found.
Sorry for not able to help you at this time.

please contact tech support and report this Issue.


I found the exception details in the webMethods JavaAPI reference
for ----Class InvalidRequestException

It is thrown when a client submits an invalid request (for example, it supplies an invalid transaction ID or other invalid parameter).

Check this with your client.


can u pls elaborate a bit more. I need more info. can u give me the doc name where u found this info.
Thanks a lot in advance.

In the Developer tool under the Help menutab you will see the JavaAPI Reference icon.It will open an IE with webMethods JavaAPI.
Check the Packages/ link which has list of Exception Classes.


Thanks I got it.