Complex Element with mixed data content

Hi! There,

How can I have mixed data conent, ie., both XML and NON-XML data to be used within a single schema.

For instance, letz say I want to store Flash Movies in Tamino as Non-XML but each movie should be associated with a ID and some Description as attributes to the rootnode.

Could anyone look into this matter at the earliest.

Ravi Chamarthy.


there is exactly one field that you can use for this purpose. Every nonXML-Object has an ino:id AND an ino:docname Attribut attached to it, you can see it, when you query for (e.g.) ino:etc?_xql=ino:nonXML . To access the ino:docname attribute use the method TNonXMLObject.setDocname() .

As I said, it’s only ONE field. Storing the identifier there and keeping a “real” XML document for all the meta-data is - as far as my experience goes - common practice.

Hope this helps! Best regards, Andreas