Compiling to device

Hi everybody,

Like I said in previous posts, I’m new to software ag and I never compiled for the mobile phone before.
But I have a little problem.

When I try to cross compile my app,
the compiler gives an error on every line where I use the class database.
I have included the package “” in my referenced libary’s, but the cross compiler doenst find it.
(when I simulate my app, it works fine).

So do I need to edit an extra file or somthing zo the crosscompiler sees the zip-file to ??

Greetz Ken

one of the error :

C:\wMMobileDesigner_2\Samples\Expences\stages\refined\src\com\expences\view\ error: cannot find symbol
    [javac] 			Database db = DatabaseFactory.openOrCreate(Constants.DB_NAME);	
    [javac] 			^
    [javac]   symbol:   class Database
    [javac]   location: class SettingsView

Hi Ken,

If your project is using the Database library, you probably need to set the following Ant Property in your project’s xml files:

By default, this property is set to “false”, and without it you can end up with compilation errors as you have mentioned.


(Mobile Designer Development Team)

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This was idd the problem.
Now it’s compiling.

Thank you for the solution!