compiling java service [2]


I am having a java service with source code, I moved that java services to another package, when I try to recompile it I am getting errors like

C:\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\packages\SG001_JnJ_Common\code\source\SG001_JnJ_Common\Utils\ cannot resolve symbol

C:\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\packages\SG001_JnJ_Common\code\source\SG001_JnJ_Common\Utils\ incompatiable types

Can any body help me on this…



We can move the java service to another package. no problem. But u have to check whether any path you mentioned in that service.



Copy the part of requiredshared code also.

import all the required packages also

ya the last post is the best option.

Create a new package and you can drap and drop all the services and folders from the old pkg to new pkg in the Developer.

Move to java service from one package to anouther package is not a problem,
But u need to copy the shared code and import the packages