Compile error

Hi, I wrote a java service but when I tried to save and compile, it gives me this error message:

“The source was saved, but was not compiled due to the following errors: [B2BSERV.0014.9116] Unable to locate or start compiler”

Any one has idea how to resolve this?


Is this the first time a compile has been attempted?

If so, my first thought is that you have only a run-time Java installation on the server.

Hi Nasir,

Make sure that the watt.server.compile property on the WM server point to the appropriate path for javac on the WM server machine (not on the developer machine).

You can access the property via
Settings > Extended --> Edit Extended Settings on the 4.6

mine looks like that (one line - Linux with Sun JVM 1.3.1 and a C1OnRamp installed)

watt.server.compile=/opt/jdk1.3.1_04/bin/javac -encoding ISO-8859-1 -classpath /opt/webMethods/IntegrationServer4/lib/mail.jar:/opt/webMethods/IntegrationServer4/packages/WmMarketConnect/code/classes:{0} -d {1} {2}



Please read this thread. This issue has been discussed in detail here and I am sure you will find the solution.
Good Luck!


A little comment on the thread : in contrary to what could be expected the {0} in the watt.server.compile classpath is NOT the classpath used to start the server (the one you find in “About” on the admin interface). Hence the addition of mail.jar and the path to the C1OnRamp classes on my javac classpath.

In short, a java service may run on the server but not compile with the default setting (…at least on my Unix like config).