Compare 2 flow services


Whats the best way to compare 2 flow services (the same service) in different environments.


One approach is to run a diff on the flow.xml files for each service. This would tell you with certainty if the packages were identical, but would be less useful in indicating which flow statements have changed due to having to map from the xml back to Flow.


Use Beyond Compare 2 …compare the two flow.xml


You can try

It’s still not finished, but it works most of the time and you can always contact me if you find any bugs.

It’s quite useful, especially if you’re a little paranoid when checking in your changes into shared repository.

I’m often afraid I might have accidentaly deleted - for example - one collapsed innocently looking sequence containing two thirds of core business logic of service.
It’s very convenient to be able to make sure you’ve changed exactly what you wanted to change before you check in your work!


I even heard that the tool CrossVista has lot of capabilities w.r.t webmethods deployment and versioning , and one of them is finding the differences between the services.


For service level comparision best option is comparision of flow.xml but we can do it in other way by using the “View as HTML”.
I mean right click on the service and select “View as HTML” for both the different environment services and do a manuall check.

I know this is little difficult but it work for me several time while development or debugging of issue.

try it…

Hi ramana,

There is a new versioning software on the block called crossvista team. ( It is pretty neat as it integrates with free open source VCS like SubVersion and provides

  1. Version Control
  2. Change Management
  3. Configuration Management
  4. Release Management

all in one pack. Its worth taking a look. Let me know if you need more details on CrossVista.

Also coming to your question of comparing flow services, this tool offers a real time display where you can compare two flow services and see the differences between them and also a really cool function that allows you to merge work done on a single flow service by two separate developers…try it out!