Community Edition for Linux environment


as I finished “localhost-testing” I want to deploy my application to a test environment - the underlying operating system within my test environment is Linux.

Where can I download the community edition for a Linux environment?

Thanx in advance, Florian!

…forgot to mention: I’m talikng about the community edition of the Application Designer…

Cheers, Florian!

The Application Designer Community Edition is currently only available for Microsoft Windows.
However, you may try to deploy the Windows runtime on a Linux-based system. As Application Designer is developed in Java it may also run on Linux. No guarantee on that.
Would be nice to know if you have been successful.


Hi Guido,

unfortunately this does not work: the cit21.xml file contains license information as well as information on the underlying OS. As this file is triggered for each Request/Response cycle I receive tons of popups telling me to use a Linux license key…

Anyway, thanx!


is it realizable to integrate the “Linux”-OS in the Community-Edition-Licensekeys and mark Linux-support explicitly as “experimental” ?


Hi Ingo,

that is 100% percent not our intention! I will raise your point within next marketing discussions. I am somehow sure that we come up with a community edition for Linux.

By the way: it is “just” a matter of license key file. The shipped software (… the cis.war file…) is the thing you also use with Linux.


Florian, Ingo,

I’d like to remind you guys that the Community Edition of Application Designer is a non-commercial-use license.
It is not intended to offer a (production) testing environment for free.
Deployment is pretty close to production.
I hope your development environment on Windows works fine.
It should be possible to test the deployment in Windows.

Currently we do not plan a community version on Linux.

Marc Moenkemoeller
Product Manager Application Designer

Florian, Ingo,

Community edition for Application Designer 2.2 on Linux is now available.

We hope to have helped you.

Marc Moenkemoeller
Product Manager

Hi there,

that is great!
Is there a version 2.3 available for Linux?
And where can we download it from?

Hi Konstantin,

yes, the Application Designer Community Edition V2.3 is available for download.