Command.Retrieve not working (TaminUri issue)

I am trying to execute a Following method, This method returns a TaminoDocument. I have collection ‘AccidentReporting’ and an existing ino:id. I am getting an error in t_document (TaminoDocument) Base uri NotSupportedException.

Does it mean that TaminoUri / command.Retrive method is not suported. But there is good enough documentation so I thought there is implementation.

If any one has used it please let me know the fix.


Public Function GetTaminoDocument(ByVal s_collection As String, _
ByVal s_inoId As String) As TaminoDocument
'Precondition check
If (s_collection Is Nothing Or s_inoId Is Nothing) Then
'Throw Error message
Throw New Exception(" Pre condition check Failed")
End If
Dim t_connection As TaminoConnection
Dim t_qResponse As TaminoQueryResponse

'Create Tamino connection
t_connection = GetTaminoConnection()

'open connection

’ create command for collection
Dim t_command As TaminoCommand _
= t_connection.CreateCommand(s_collection)

Dim t_taminoUri As TaminoUri = New TaminoUri("./Form12209/@" & s_inoId)

Dim t_document As TaminoDocument = t_command.Retrieve(t_taminoUri)

Return t_document

Catch Ex As Exception

End Try

End Function

I suspect that it might be the TaminoUri you create. In our tests we normally create the URI as ‘new TaminoUri(docType+"/"+docName)’.

Well Yes you are write , TaminoURI should use the syntax you mentioned, even then The issues is Retrieve always throws exeception.

But I can still get the correct XMLdocument from TaminoDocument. All that I had to do was not catch the exception and just return Taminodocument.

Jay Hombal
Senior XML Consultant
Reston VA 20190

The API should only throw a NotSupportedException on properties/methods that are not intended for current use or have been deprecated.

Is it possible you could provide a stack trace of the exception?