Command Central Connecting the Integration Server Getting SPM Errors

When I am trying to connect the CC Server with Existing IS Servers
Getting the below error:
“Offline: The specified runtime component OSGI-SPM-ENGINE could not be found on node https://:”

The CC Setup is 10.5
And the IS Server setup is 10.1

There are a few servers, which are connected properly with this setup (CC 10.5 and IS 10.1). Only a few IS servers are not connecting, which means it is not an issue of version difference between CC and IS Servers.

Also tried to find any logs which can help to find out what is the issue. But not found.
Looking for help here.


What do you mean by “not found”, there aren’t any logs in SPM installation profile directory?
If that is the case perhaps SPM fails to start or perhaps even bootstraping SPM has failed.


Hi Mandar Pandit,

Are you sure the target SPM is up and running in the installation directory of Integration Servers you are trying to connect?

If SPM is down or not accessible then only you will be getting such an issue.

Firoz N