command central clustering


I need to cluster Command Central installed on two different Linux Servers.
Please let me know if Command Central clustering can be done.
If yes, kindly provide me how it can be done. Would really appreciate if any document for CCE clustering is provided.

Ilias S

Clustering is needed either for scalability or high availability or both.
What is the use case?

Command Central currently does not officially support clustering, primarily because:

  1. It does not need to scale for a large number of concurrent users. It can easily handle hundreds.
  2. It can handle hundreds of managed nodes. Our target is thousands of managed nodes, but no current customer is close to that yet.
  3. It is generally stateless because the data is pulled from the managed runtimes. Only configuration for CC itself is stored on CC and can be easily shared/replicated.
  4. The clients (Web UI, CLI and API) are state-full so CC does not maintain their session state.

You can use two or more Command Central instances, even different versions of Command Central, managing the same or almost the same landscape.

To achieve that you need to have these two Command Central instances configured in the same way. Majority of the setup/configuration is static or almost static: repositories/installers/templates and nodes/environments. All of that can be kept in sync using fully automation for CC setup or by backup/restore or sync couple of folders under CCE profile:



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