"com.wm.net.HttpContext"; local class incompatible:stream class..." Error while debugging IS service


This error message:

“com.wm.net.HttpContext”; local class incompatible:stream classdec serialversionUID = XXX, local class serialversionUID = XXX"

pops up everytime I try to debug a WM IS service with the designer (9.0). Any thougts ? I 've searched on the forum but found nothing similar.

Thanks in advance


Is this a possible situation in your environment and that’s the reason you are seeing the error?


The Integration Servers in cluster were on different service packs. The errors have gone since both the nodes are patched to the same service packs.

Roger – Are you still facing this issue ? which wM version you are in ?


Hi Roger,

It seems like serialization/deserilization issue. if serialVersionUID of a class or object while serialization should be same with serialVersionUID of same class or object while deserialize . Kindly check your environment and configuration.
Please make sure serialVersionUID is not being updated during execution or debugging. It may cause of this issue.
Agreed with rmg if IS in cluster environment then make sure nodes should be apply same service patch .


Yes I echo with Arun :slight_smile: