Hello All,
I am working on wM 6.0.1(Developer&TN).I am retrieving data from aTNDocument (which has been Large Document handled) in my custom code in developer .
This flow of custom code is as below
1.wm.tnweb.querySvc:getDocuments 2.wm.tnweb.querySvc:getContentPartBytes as stream)

This stream first I convert to bytes, then bytes to string and I use this string .

But the service throws the below error at runtime:
TRNSERV.000018.000066 Error encountered in invoking service wm.tnweb.querySvc:getDocDetails java.lang.OutOfMemoryError java.lang.OutOfMemoryError 0

Suggestions if any,would be highly appreciated.

Thnx in advance,

Why are you using this service wm.tnweb.querySvc:getDocuments?? any reason?? only these two svcs are needed for extracting content from TN (LargeDocs)
1wm.tnweb.querySvc:getContentPartBytes as stream)


hello RMG,
Thnx for your response.
I was trying to :
1.get all the documents from TN(irrespective of Large or not),
2. then loop over docs (returned by wm.tnweb.querySvc:getDocuments )
3.then give the values of docId inside the loop to wm.tnweb.querySvc:getContentPartBytes …and then depending on whether its a Large doc or not I use the .

The memory error that I get is the same when I run the service from the wMAdmin page too.

hope I am clear .


Hi Ranjit,

The Database against which you are running the query is probably very large as in contains a lot of documents when you try get these documents in pipeline and loop over them the memory consumed by IS increases drastically. Try to tune your query and increase the memory heap allocated to IS.


Try using with document,tn:query services with proper criteria that you are looking for and retrieve the results based on the InternalId for faster performance.