Code is not updating at DSP

Hi Team,
i have created one dsp page in 8.2 .which is invoking flow service inside dsp.
service is getting some code , which is tried to display in dsp page .it is not updating as expectd and same value is displaying same in page .like




<%invoke service%> <%value Result%> <

But same ,i have used in 7.1.2 IS ,it is working fine.
Can any one tell me ,do we required any settings for 8.2 version ?


Hi Siva,

It seems the browser is not able to render DSP page in Integration Server (IS) Administrator properly.
Here IS seems to send the non-DSP content using the chunked transfer coding. If a client or browser requests a DSP page on the same HTTP connection immediately after IS sends the custom DSP page content, IS sends the newly requested DSP page using chunked transfer coding as well.
This problem might exist only in a particular IS version, which can be resolved by applying an IS version fix. Please check if there is an IS Core fix available for your IS version; that should resolve this issue.

Let me know if this helps.