CMIS Property error

We are using an external document storage, FileNet. I am able to send field values as meta data. However, one lookup field throws an error while other lookup fields do not.

Here is the error:

Update of CMISDocumentProperties failed for Object :8d6a81caa53d42e2a1c97d2d0edf662d Exception:Property ‘LookuptoPre-AwardCaseNumber’ is not valid for this type or one of the secondary types!

LookuptoPre-AwardCaseNumber is the name of the lookup field.
I have tried copying the id of the record into a text field and using that text field instead of the lookup field, but I still get that error.

Any help would be appericated.

Did you get a CILXXXXX error code ? If you got, kindly share.

I did not.

However, I have solved the issue (synatx error). This post can be marked as solved.

Thank you