Clustered UM are showing 'Error' status in Command Central


We are working with UM 10.3 and have 3 UM servers running in cluster. All the 3 UMs are running fine and looks in cluster in Enterprise manager as well.
But when we check the status of UM servers in command central, Master node umserver is ‘Online’ but remaining 2 nodes
umserver2 and umserver3 are in ‘ERROR’ status.

I have put the fix NUM_10.3.0_PlatformManagerPlugins_Fix5 but did not help.
Has anyone faced such issue, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ujjwal,

Can you please try with latest fixes on all 3 UM installations.
In past, some related issues were reported and fixed on UM Admin API which is used by Platform Manager to get the cluster status from all 3 nodes. If issue is not resolved with latest fixes on all 3 UM installation, then report it as defect.

Also, while cluster is still forming quorum, you will see ERROR in Command Central. But, this will correct within few minutes.

Hi Sandeep,

Thanks for your response.
Just now got an update from SAG that this is a known issue and an official fix, i.e. NUM_10.3.0_wM_RealmServer_Fix9, is already undergoing QA process and should be released by end of this month.

We will wait for this fix to be released and see if it helps.