CloudStreams-Connecotr Virtual Service has not shown in webMethods designer 9.8 Trail version

Dear experts,

Recently I have started working on webMethods CloudStreams. I have installed webMethods9.8 trail version in window 7 Professional -64bit.I have download the salesforce package and installed in my machine and I am able to enable the connection.(Both Salesforce CRM and Bulk Data Loader connections are enabled)
I am trying to integrate with Salesforce using webMethods CloudStreams.
But i am facing problem while creating Cloud Connector service from webMthods9.8 designer.
I am not getting Virtual Service to go forward to use built in salesforce objects. As Connector Visual service is not getting I am unable to get Business objects of Salesforce account.
Could you please help me out of this and what should I do at this step to get the Virtual Service automatically? Please find the attached screenshots . Thanks in Advance

Error retrieving business object list. Connection name ‘SalesforceDemo:MSSConnection’.Details:ERROR_INVOKING_CLOUD_SERVICE:Error creting CloudStreams virtual service'WmCloudStreams.SoapVS’and operation:‘invoke’ Details:null.Cause:null



The default virtual services for SOAP and REST are shipped with the product. With a proper installation, these two virtual services should be available in your environment.

Using Designer, while service creation, are you able to see the connector virtual service in the drop down?

We suspect may be something went wrong with the product installation. Can you verify that?
You should also install the latest fixes and restart.

If the problem still persists, you can try running the service “”
and see if you find any virtual services in the output like “WmCloudStreams.SoapVS” and “WmCloudStreams.RestVS”.

If problem is not resolved, you can open a service request.



Thanks for the reply.

I am not able to see the connector virtual service in drop drown.
Could you please let me know the latest fix name to install .


CloudStreams Server 9.8 Fix 3 is the latest fix currently. While installing with UpdateManager, you should see the latest available fix. You can try running the service I mentioned earlier to cross check.




I ran the service “” and I did not get (SoapVS and RestVS) any results in output.

I will try with Fix.

Ok, your installation seems to have some issues.
After fix install, please see that WmCloudStreams package is loaded properly in the IS Package Management page.
You can also try reinstalling the setup if the problem persists.