CloudStreams - Cloud connector service - Bulk API

Hi ,
I am trying to do a POC using bulk api salesforce connector.

  1. Create Job - connection was successful.
    2.Create batch - Failed ( Transport Sender Error : is null ).

have anyone tried bulk api ?


Hi Anu,

Looking at the error you are facing, there was no request sent in request body for the service execution. :roll:

You can add a Batch to a Job. See here .
The Job can have any of these content types for a batch: XML, CSV, ZIP_XML, or ZIP_CSV (JSON is not supported in the Salesforce Bulk Connector)

Then create a cloud connector service(CCS) for Create Batch resource. The Create Batch CCS accepts a Job ID as parameter and the request body as stream. Execute this service in a flow service passing a valid request stream to the request and the service should execute fine.


Punith DG

Hi Anu,

We are trying to implement the batch API at our place as we have a requirement to send load daily night basis. for that i have created provider connection for Bulk API and would like to know how to create a JOB , BATCH. Could you please provide me the step by step process or is there any reference links to go over it. much appreciated for your help.


Hi Balu,

You can have a look at

This pdf explains batch APIs and their usage.


hi Priyanka,

Thanks for swift reply.

I am looking for the webMethods connecting to Saleforce cloud stream through BULK API connector. here we create Job, Batch by using the Cloud connector service.

here when i created the CCS, ia m not able to select the business object when creating a JOB or batch in webmethods designer.

Coul any one of you created a Job, batch through webMethods designer and let me know how to create it.

Thanks in advance.


For creating connector services, you can refer to the official connector documentation present along with the Salesforce connector.

For the Bulk APIs, if you are trying to create a job using CreateJob resource, you don’t need to select a business object. Once you select CreateJob in the list of resources, you would see that all the required fields are already filled in. You can then start using the service by providing your input data.

Hope that helps.