Client application

I m beginner in tamino, i created DB in tamino manager, I want to develop client application.
i need your advice about which way i take
i tried X-application but i had a problems to install it.
Thx in advance
Bat O.

Basically this depends on your needs and skills, which I don’t know. So I try to give a general advice.
XApplication is a good starter, which gives you quick results without programming. Try the XAppllication tutorial in the online documentation.
If you know programming and your prefered programming language is Java, you should use the Tamino API for Java. There are plenty of samples in the online documentation.
If VisualBasic or C++ is your area, use the HTTP Client API for Activex.
And for JScript, there is the HTTP Client API for JScript.
The last two APIs only work in a Windows ebvironment.
Checkout the online documentation for samples and explanation for the APIs and Tamino in general.

One other think: Did you have a close look at “Welcome to Tamino”. It’s in the Start Menu.
We created this especially for you to learn about the different possibilities and tools to work with Tamino. It also guides you trough the first steps of working with Tamino and it explanis all possible ways to program applications for Tamino.

Thank you Christian,
i already read welcome to tamino, i was interrested by x-applications but when i try to install it it gives me problem