Clicking on a button, invoke web service twice

We are using webMethods 7.1.2 and we have a weird issue where when we click a button where it is mapped to invoke a web service connector, it makes duplicate calls to web service. It invokes twice.

Any clue?

Check if the same webservice call is being made in the beforeRenderRespone method of the view.

Hi Sravan,

Thanks for your reply.

I could not find beforeRenderRespone service in that view file. Even I could not find this when I searched for this service in entire workspace of my Designer.

Any clue?

  • Nilesh

it could be that you have configured your web service connector with AutoRefresh = true, so that when you click the button, the input values are updated and the service gets called automatically.



Thanks for your reply.

Finally issue is resolved. It was happenning because of a client side java script action was being invoked along with CAF Action.