classcast exception at transaction level

Hi all

when i send EDI x12 4010 850 edi file to TN, in the analysis the processing status showing as “DONE W/ERRORS” with error message as “java.lang.ClassCastException:” for transaction level only.
This is outboud EDI document.we have set up the TPA splitting option as “transaction”.
but not showing any errors at group and envelope level.


What rule is being invoked for processing the 850? What does it do?

What is the reason for the outbound TPA specifying to split to the transaction level? Typically, outbound is split only to the group level to support FA tracking. Splitting to the transaction set level is usually unnecessary since you typically don’t do anything with the individual transaction sets.

Hi reamon,

thanks for your reply. in the production instance we are not we are splitting EDI into transaction level.In the dev instance i just tested it what will happen when we split it at transaction level.

In the dev instance for all outbound group level transactions we call a default processing rule which simply change the user status as “IGNORED”.automatically TN updating the processing status as “DONE”

In case of transacton level also we are calling the same processing it is showing user status as “IGNORED” but processing status as “DONE W/ERRORS”

Error showing in TN analysis like below specified

Type class Brief Message
Error EDI for TN Error in EDI TransactionDocType X12 4010 850 [EDIFTN …]


Seems odd. You may want to open a service request with wM tech support.