Clarification regarding Upgrade WmDB IntegrationsIS v46 to version 6x

Hi All,

Can any body explain me about this. Currently we are using Integration Server v 4.6 and we have lot of integrations which are using WmDB package. If we are planning to migrate these integrations to IS V 6.x. How it will migrate( these integrations will use WmDB or WmJDBC package?)

The 4.6 existing integrations will work with WmDB with our any problems in V6.x.Even we migrated our stuff from 4.6 to 6.x and integrations are running pretty fine, since WmDB pacakage still exists as default (but depricated).

So for new integrations we are using JDBC adapter ofcourse everybody does.


Thanks RMG for your reply.
We have a connection pooling setting in server.cnf(enabled).(watt.server.db.connectionCache=server). When we migrate our 4.6 code to 6.x. I need to put this setting in 6.x server.cnf also.

  • This setting will also effect to WmJDBC?.