chmod via ftp service

hi wmusers.

i’m using ftp service to upload file to ftp server. But i have a problem to change the file permission.
How do i use chmod command via ftp service to change file permission?


File permission is controlled by FTP server and not wM which is acting as a client.

If you access a ftp via anon user, the file will have anon file permissions as configured by the server.

If you access ftp with a particular user, the default is to get the file permission as the logged in user.

If the FTP server has some built in commands that let you change ownership, this must be done via FTP commands, fot that look into pub.client.ftp:quote however, the FTP server must have that implementation.


i have a user access to change the ownership of the files.
so i will do it using pub.client.ftp:quote service.

thanks for your information.