Chinese character with Oracle Intelligent Adapter

Has anyone succesfully passed Chinese Characters using the Oracle 4.2 Intelligent adapter? I’ve tried all of the char encoding preferences under the 'java" tab in the adapter congiuration, but no luck

Hi Tuong,

The NLS_LANG setting on the “Oracle” tab in adapter_config is also important in getting this working.

The best thing to do is match your Oracle instance’s setting. You can get this from the database with this SQL*Plus command:

select * from v$nls_parameters;

If your database is set up to handle Chinese characters (because it uses a Chinese or a Unicode encoding), you should be able to get your adapter working. We’ve tested this adapter extensively at webMethods with a variety of encodings, including multibyte encodings.

If your database is not set up to support Chinese characters, you will need to make a new instance that is. I assume that you’re already successfully storing Chinese characters in your database. In that case, you should be able to set NLS_LANG, and see the valid values.

Another potential problem is how you are viewing the characters later. You need to be careful to use the unicode_string or unicode_character types for your document (event) fields. The string and char types won’t work for non-ASCII characters. In addition, you may need to modify your JRE’s file to include a font with Chinese characters (otherwise you’ll see hollow boxes in place of your data).

Hope that helps. Please contact me if you need more help.


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