ChemXML LoadTenderMotor need .par file

Hi All,
We are using chemXML version 7.1.
We are using chemXML LoadtenderMotor vesion 2.0.2 and LoadTenderResponse 2.0.2.
We have requirement to upgrade version 5.0 for both PIPs.

Can you please help us with required .par files for 2 PIP’s are please let me know where can I get these chemXML PIP’s.

Thanks in advance,
Raghavendra Korti

For the items you are looking for You need to contact Rosettanet folks or SAG support to point you in the right direction to get the .par files (old way)


Hi Rmg,
Thanks for replying. As we are using 7.1 version SAG can’t support. Couldn’t find required pips in rosettanet site. can you please guide us in proper directions