CheckSum CRC32

Hi Every One,

how to write a checksum CRC32 algorithm code in webMethods… we have any wmservice r any other way we can develop the code… if anyone have any idea and if u have any docs regarding this please share with me.

Note: i want to use webMethods services only …

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Cherry Sri

java service?

Hi Mangat,

Thanks for ur reply, I need java service also. First I want to try with wMServices if not possible i will do with java service please tell me if u have any idea about this…

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Cherry Sri.

I guess we do not have any BIS for doing CRC32 algorithm in wM. You have to write your own java service and then call that in your flow service.

You may also raise a feature request on SAG Brainstorm on empower to have this feature in future releases.

Thanks Mahesh…

Did you code the java service? If yes, can you share it here.

For your perusal below is sample code snippet:


String input = "Mahesh";
byte bytes[] = input.getBytes();
Checksum checksum = new CRC32();
checksum.update(bytes, 0, bytes.length);
long checksumValue = checksum.getValue();

Print checksumValue

Check the working code at [url][/url]