Checkbox on Async Table throwing error

I have an Async Table on a CAF screen and when I add a selection Check Box, I receive a java script error from generl.js, the Software AG/webMethods js.

The error, Object does not support the property or method is thrown. Has anyone seen this before, and if so, how did you resolve this issue?

I have been trying to debug this for quite some time, and I am getting no where so far.


Hi Daryl,
How you are populating data to Async Table.

If you are using table content provider then please make sure you are selecting update content provider from list of table content provider.

Please let us know if you are still facing any issue.

Baharul Islam


After you mentioned properties and having looked at the properties on the view side, I looked at the CAF code and found a rowbinding setting that was not used in other lists that we have done with check boxes. That was the issue. I commented out the rowbinding, and voila, problem solved.

Thank you for the suggestion.