Check the Broker memory usage and Trigger Queue Capacity

Hi ,

Can some one please suggest me how to monitor the broker memory usage and trigger queue size in an automated fashion.

I want to set up an alert mechanism if the broker memory usage is exceeds 70% or if any trigger queue size exceeds 100 documents.

Please advise.

I know how to check this manually.But I need to set up the automated alert process for this.

We had experienced couple situations where trigger queue size exceeded 500000 records because of the broker service issue and broker started throwing out of memory exception and other trigger documents also failed.


Sridhar – I know it by seeing MWS but not sure from any files or tables we do get this information. Let us see what others comment on this.

Nice question.


Do we have any services available to check the current broker usage or trigger queue size?If we have any such service I can schedule this service to check this status periodically .

To monitor webMethods components like Broker queue, used memory, ports, adapters etc use Optimize for Infrastructure which has out of box KPI and you can create rules to send email alert, and also take action (WS Action) when ever the rule is violated.

Let me know if you have questions I can help you with OFI if you want to proceed with it.

  • If you want to build a custom logic (with OFI) see below

For triggers explore the services in WmPublic/pub.trigger

To check the broker usage or trigger queue size you have to refer the Java Broker API.

Hello Mahesh,

If you have already created any custom services for this purpose, can you please upload the package to this forum so that members of the forum can use those as an example and will dig more on the same. Thanks for your work on this.


Do you have OFI set-up?

Thanks for the info Mahesh. But we dont have the OFI set up.

Let me know if we can create any custom java services to use with out OFI set up?