Check health of environment in CC


I have no installation of Command Central and did not find the right documentation. So maybe someone can help me:
As far as I understood from the basic training CC can manage —configure, start, stop, monitor status & health, save –apply templates, …-- the different wM components apart from Optimize.
But is there a possibility on environment level for checking whether the entire defined environment consisting of one or more installations is consistent and ‘healthy’ or is this only possible on installation/component level?


you can define an environment and then see at a glance whether the components in the environment are healthy. We do have plans for an environment dashboard that would show you at a higher level how healthy an environment is, but this is not planned for implementation in the next couple of releases.
You can find Command Central documentation here: (Empower login required)

Jonathan Heywood
Software AG Product Management

Many thanks, Jonathan.